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Our Story


Credit: Heath Korvola

Foto Nouveau combines design elements of classic film and modern digital cameras into unique small batch time pieces and accessories. The results are products that reflect visual and tactile elements of medium format and 35mm camera design. 

A camera is functioning work of art. Classic manufacturers like Hasselblad, Leica, Mamiya and Olympus built film cameras that decades later are reliable, solidly built, and iconic. The textures, physical dials, and weight of these cameras give you confidence to frame your shot. Foto Nouveau aims to bring these camera design elements and sentiments into something tactile that you can wear. We balance quality with camera aesthetics and design to create something unique. Our watches are made in small batches with Swiss made movements and quality components.

For over a decade, William has been working in the photography industry as an Art Director and is currently at Getty Images. He is also a photographer, illustrator, and educated in industrial design.  

In 2013 William's venture into creating Foto Nouveau started after purchasing his first 3D printer. It was during this time that he first combined his love for watches with photography and product design. Although traditional manufacturing techniques were used for the end product, the 3D prototyping creative process was vital in the conceptual design.